An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Our Covid -19 Safety Procedure (click).

Since we know that people can't stay in the house forever nor do they want to and humanity would cease to exist as we know it

if we continue to stay six feet apart .... we practice REAL safe Covid-19 health procedures!

"First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."   President Franklin D. Roosevelt 

We have been retreating in fear with regards to COVID-19 rather than releasing the truth about it. REAL Americans are always advancing not retreating in fear ... we need REAL leadership.

For an antidote to be the best, it has to be cheap, readily available, work extremely well to inhibit the effects of coronavirus on the population at large without discrimination (monetarily or racially) & have little or NO side effects! Everyone should be able to take it & it should help our bodies in other ways besides coronavirus... Is that something we can count on our government to produce?

Our founder has always sought natural cures to common human disease and viruses since most pharmaceuticals have a litany of detrimental side effects. He has had asthma all his life & from an early age sought a way to reduce the effect of colds & flus on his breathing during these common human viruses. As a result, he has taken zinc for over 20 years without having cold or flu symptoms!

Immediately upon the announcement of the Covid-19 epidemic, he researched zinc to see if it would help with suppressing coronavirus effects & found what anyone could find.... (Google: Zinc Antiviral & found the following link The role of Zinc in Antiviral Immunity from The US National Library of Medicine & National Institute of Health)! Wow, He knew it inhibited the Common Cold & every Flu but now he had proof that it worked but what he found when he got to Table 1 was incredible, Not just that it inhibits coronavirus but the actual dosages required to do so.... in other words, the government even knew how much to prescribe. So rather than sharing this info, politicians made millions in stock trades in pharmaceutical companies rather than protect the public .... because there is no money to be made in supplements so no one will ever know since to them it is better to control people & come up with a pharmaceutical solution that they can make everyone take while they make money assigning it...






























Now we had what we needed to suppress the coronavirus but as he reviewed the list he realized that Herpes, HIV, and most common viruses were on the list ... Zinc is good for more than inhibiting Coronavirus, it's good for all viruses including sexually transmitted viruses. No symptoms, no transmission!


Our Founder already had us using Zinc but purchased enough to last thru the Pandemic but there have been many benefits of taking extra Zinc supplements, ask us about them when you meet us!

THE ANTIVIRAL. purchased Zinc for all our models to share in an effort to build our immune system! So we have been IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG since the beginning & have not lived a day in fear!  The fear

is worse than the virus... because now we are in prejudicial fear of each other.... even though people coughing may not have the virus & people not coughing could be spreading it, we presume everyone coughing is spreading coronavirus.

Secret Corona-virus Medical Research to share so it will be a secret no longer! It's not really a secret in the medical community only, the rest of the world accepts & acknowledges the full benefit however although most doctors know about the research, many assert they do not believe that supplements work despite the research showing the opposite and since our bodies are obviously made from earth materials, it stands to reason the solution to many of our ills is in the earth or our lack of intake of the proper supplements from the earth!

Most doctors have refused to believe in supplements, which lead to this atmosphere of fear, and fear is a Pandora's box that once opened, cannot be closed. It has to be eradicated from people's minds and that will take time. It is understandable that most will never fully support natural supplementation since their education & income are based on understanding & use of pharmaceuticals (practicing medicine - pharmaceuticals not practicing cures or remedies...). The medical industry can only make money on regulated pharmaceuticals & would lose considerable business if everyone used supplements and rarely experienced a cold, flu, HIV, herpes, or other virus symptoms... 

In researching Zinc, we found prominent doctors making statements that are seriously concerning and promote fear of supplements for instance saying they are afraid of zinc lozenges - should anyone with no other agenda except inhibiting viruses & disease be afraid of supplements? Come to your own conclusion on the real motivation behind such a statement however, the research contradicts such statements. Should we not be looking at deficiency first to determine its effect on our condition since we are made of earth materials & need them to sustain life? Afraid of natural supplements but not afraid to support prescriptions that have 10 side effects that could be worse than the original illness?

Other doctors have intimated supplements have no effect & do not boost the immune system. “It would be great to have a magic pill that could reduce the risk of developing a cold or flu… but at the present time, there is no magic bullet,”  This is in stark contrast to the medical research on zinc (google search zinc and inflammation or zinc in the antiviral community or zinc immune system benefits or zinc effect on colds and immune system and you will find thousands of pages to support zinc as a centerpiece and mainstay to the building our immune system against cold, flues, viruses, liver disease, diabetes, cancer (Zinc can halt the growth of cancer cells, some studies says) & more. Cancer clinic dedicated to using Zinc for patients.   Harvard Study on how to build your immune system includes Zinc! Yes, we should eat better but our food is what it is and most of it is less than vitamin-rich even organic foods, we should all take a strong look at supplements rather than listening to people who are afraid of them...

Zinc is no magic bullet, we don't need magic, just something natural that works! However, considering the side effects of what the pharmaceutical industry produces & the associated costs & the fact that they nor the medical community have any bullets for corona-virus, cancer, diabetes, viruses, inflammation, common cold, flues. HIV, Herpes & more, Zinc looks a lot better than the blank bullets we are being offered from the medical society or the new society crumbling solutions that involve avoiding humans. Makes you wonder if we need to have a moratorium on leading doctors being on the board of pharmaceutical companies or pharmaceutical company lobbying...

Social Education, not Social FEAR is how we will get past corona-virus & the future corona-viruses which are coming. 

No one is allergic to zinc, we have it naturally occurring in our bodies! Even though researchers suggest that we in the US are not zinc deficient, after reviewing the effects of zinc inhibiting the common cold, influenza, HIV, Herpes Simplex 1 & 2, diabetes & other common viruses & diseases here in the US, it would stand to reason that everyone who regularly gets a cold or the flu might be zinc deficient & anyone afraid of coronavirus (coronaviruses and rhinoviruses is the major causes of the common cold syndrome) might need to zinc up...


Click here|Scroll down to Table 1 for Medical Research of  Viruses thought incurable that Zinc Inhibits includes cure dosages

HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis C, HPV, common cold & more Published in April 2019 & includes Coronavirus, then read the research that explains that most of us have zinc-deficient diets so we have weak immune systems & are susceptible to these viruses!

Click here for Medical Research  concerning how Zinc inhibits CoronaVirus & all viruses From Nov 2010

Zinc inhibits Cancer Cells from Growing

Click here to understand What the Zinc Finger is & How does it STOP VIRUSES

Click here for What is Zinc & how does it work?

It's only approximately $6 (pre-pandemic prices) for a 50mg bottle with 100 pills that will prevent or cure you of many viruses/cancer, stop watching the fear-mongers on TV & start taking zinc & let's regain control of our society & stop losing to societal fear!

How to take Zinc:

Take Zinc with a meal, eat half your meal, then take your zinc pill, then eat the other half of your meal.


In addition to buying bottles of zinc to improve our immune system, the founder bought hundreds of surgical masks for members to wear so they will feel safe to visit! Ask for one when you arrive & keep it in your car as a gift from us to use each time you come back! Plus lots of bleach & alcohol since everyone bought out LYSOL but forgot about the simple non-branded disinfectants .... Education not fear is how we will overcome CoronaVirus & any worse future viruses that will surely come! As Americans, we should never quake in fear-no matter the enemy but always be ready to lead the world in learning & progressing! Learn to build up your immune system against all viruses & 

Be Well!


Remember the requirements for a Safety Procedure to be the best?

Has to be cheap Zinc is about $6/bottle of 50mg at most stores, Bleach is about $2, Masks were purchased while the government was lying and telling us we did not need masks, we should just cough in our elbow. Make a note to self, next time you hear cough in your elbow, remember it is code for, all the privileged people go buy your masks while the rest of the population trusts what we say so they end up with no masks. The common sense thing is, if you have to cough in your sleeve, it means you need a mask...


We bought hundreds while everyone was coughing in their sleeve not because we are privileged but because we are non-conformist who usually read in between the lines...

As a result, we have HUNDREDS of MASKS for free (can't be any more cost-effective than that), 
Readily Available: Now Zinc supplements & masks are readily available pretty inexpensively!

They Work extremely well to inhibit the effects of coronavirus on the population at large without discrimination (monetarily or racially): Supplements & masks work well! And since we have so many, there can be no discrimination!

Have little or NO side effects: Unlike the long list of side effects all drugs have these days, the only side effect is a bubbly stomach if you do not eat before/while you take the pill. 


Everyone should be able to take it & it should help our bodies in other ways besides coronavirus... Zinc naturally occurs in our bodies & the ground! Supplementing helps the zinc we have in our bodies do their job better! Plus zinc will help inhibit all viruses!

Is that something we can count on our government to produce? The government is not in the business of creating low-cost solutions for its citizens. You decide..... 

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